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The smoothest real estate transactions are financed by Local OBX Lenders. They offer competitive mortgage rates and can compete with any other lender. They, and more importantly their underwriters, understand the complexity of buying an income producing vacation rental house being sold fully furnished, as compared to the typical residential home purchase. This saves you last minute complications and costs!

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If you find the property that you would like and are considering buying it but you live out of sate and you have to go back home, don't worry. There is no need to sign any paperwork before you leave. Use the ride home to analyze the situation and if you still want to make an offer on a property it can be handled long distance. Once you are sure of the price and terms you want to ask for we can email or fax the Offer to Purchase and any other necessary paperwork to you. We have a toll free fax line to help make it easier for you to find a fax machine to use.

We, your lender, the closing attorneys and everyone involved in the process are experienced with long distance transactions. You do not have to come back for contract negotiations, we handle that for you and faxed signatures work fine. The lenders work hand in hand with the attorney to coordinate the loan. You just have to provide the correct documentation.

You have a choice about whether you want to attend the closing or not. All the paperwork can be handled long distance. If you can find a Notary Public near your home you can sign the Offer To Purchase there and overnight them to your attorney the day before closing.

If you can't make it down to do a walk through on the day of closing you can email us the pictures you took of the property and we will check to make sure everything is there. Everything can be handled long distance.

We will take care of every aspect and look out for your concerns. We even go the extra step and help you make sure the utilities are transferred into your name prior to closing. When you get here after a long drive to spend your first night in your new house you want to be sure you have water and electricity.

Our experience will allow you the comfort of worry-free buying from your home.

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