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A Pre-Qualification Letter will let you and the sellers know that you will qualify for the loan in this ever changing lending market. Down payments have gone up and all the requirements have gotten stricter.

You can get a pre qualification letter from any of the lenders below with just a phone call and it will not obligate you to work with anyone plus it only takes a couple of minutes and it does not cost anything.

You can get a loan anywhere in the country over the internet so why use an Outer Banks lender to secure your mortgage? Your instinct is going to tell you to shop around for the best terms that you can find. I think that is a good idea, however, be careful. There is more to a loan than just the interest rate. There are lenders who offer low interest rates that you will not get when everything is said and done. These same lenders will provide you with a good faith estimate that doesn't list all of the fees you will be charged. They will have you over a barrel the day before closing when they can't provide you with the promised services and now you are expected to pay the extra higher interest rate and the garbage fees or lose the deal and your earnest money.

If you find a lender on the internet or back in your home town they might offer the same rates as Outer Banks lenders. But, there is nothing to hold them to their promises. Your purchase is a one time deal to them. If you end up paying more than what was originally promised they make more money and you lose. They face no real repercussions.

The one advantage of working with a local Outer Banks lender is they know that their reputation will get trashed if they mess up locally. If one of these lenders screws up they come off this list, they get no more referrals and their reputation on the Outer Banks starts to get damaged. Out of town lenders don't worry about their reputation on the Outer Banks because they are some place far away out of our reach.

Plus, Outer Banks lenders already know how to deal with loans on houses that are fully furnished and in vacation rental programs.

This list of lenders has proven themselves time and again. Check them out to see how their rates compare and don't let yourself be swayed by empty promises.

Ask questions about fees and points because these can drive up the cost of a loan.

Beach Mortgage
Bernie Trevillian
Phone: 800-248-8923

Wells Fargo
Phone: 252-441-7610

OBX Bank Mortgage
Kaye Jones

Prime Lending
Shane Cook
Office:  252-564-3111
Cell:  252-207-2665
Fax:  866-230-8051






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