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This is the hard part, and it may sound cold. Don't let the emotional ties to the memories you and your family made in your beach house get in the way of making a rational business decision. Right now your main concern is getting the most money possible out of your house. The memories will stay with you, this property won't.

If a low offer comes in don't get insulted! We are just doing our job, the buyer's agent is doing theirs and the buyer is trying to get the best deal possible. A low offer is not a slap in the face. The buyer does not know you and will most likely never meet you. They are just trying to do their best not to lose money. I am not saying they are not acting stupid, they are, and they are probably hurting their position, but they are not trying to insult you.

Same thing if they come back asking for crazy repairs. Their friend/uncle/reality show host told them this is how you get things done. They are not being insulting, just stupid and someone being stupid is not an insult. They can't help it.

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