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No Need to Worry About Rental Income

Worried about trying to sell your rental property during the rental season? You should be. The rental income your house produces adds value to your property, not to mention it helps pay the bills. The rental income is important to the buyer of your house too, so we take extra precautions to maintain the integrity of your rental program.

First we establish an open line of communication with the people who manage your property. We have a better working relationship with most of the people who work at the rental companies because we are not involved in the typical office politics that complicate many working situations. The selling agents and the rental agents who work at the company renting your house tend to get caught up in office politics. Selling your house through you rental company may not be the best move.

In order to protect your tenants from any unwanted intrusions and to relieve your rental agents of any unnecessary burden we will (with your permission):

1. We will make sure that your property will only be shown on turnover day while it's vacant and in between tenants. Typically, most weekday showings are requested by new agents on rainy summer days. It is cheap entertainment for some vacationers. Usually, after questioning the agent, it is determined that their buyer is not serious. If the buyer is serious then they usually are willing to make arrangements to see properties on turnover day.

If the situation arises where a buyer is in town only for the day and a showing is necessary during a rental occupancy we will personally ask you for permission to contact the tenants and or rental agency.

2. We will make any arrangements necessary with your rental agents prior to all turnover day showings. Sometimes renters stay for 2 weeks and arrangements will be necessary.

3. If we are unavailable to arrange a showing, Shore Realty has a system in place that allows any agent to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

4. We will handle the keys and keep account of their dispersal.

5. Obtain a history of your rental income and provide it to any potential buyers or their agents.

6. Place a notice in your property notifying the tenants that the property is for sale and which outlines the instructions for showing. This usually softens them up ahead of time in case we need to show the property while they are there.



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