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Welcome to Shore Realty's premier site for all things real estate on the Outer Banks. On this site you can search all of the real estate, land, condos and homes for sale on the Outer Banks beaches. You can narrow down your beach house search to the individual towns and villages across the OBX from Corolla to Nags Head, including Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills plus Colington, and the town of Manteo. If it is for sale, you can find it here, regardless of whether you are looking for a palace like mansion, a simple beach cottage, an investment home, a retirement home or a home to live in.

Everything you need to make an educated home purchase is right here on this site, including articles for sellers and buyers with ideas to help you achieve your goal of Outer Banks home ownership. Call Direct 252-441-3416



Has the OBX Real Estate Market Reached the Bottom?

Probably!!! The only way we will really know for sure if the real estate market has bottomed out is through hind sight. When we see prices start to go back up we will know for sure where the bottom was. Overall, it does look like we are at, or near, the bottom of the market right now. Looking at the market broken down into the many different geographical areas across the Outer Banks, we see some of the micro markets on the OBX already starting to increase in value. Not much increase, but the downward spiral is ending.

If you believe in the old investor adage, buy low sell high, then the next 5 years should be a good time to invest. Those who wait too long will find themselves on the other side of the curve facing rising prices and rising interest rates. How long will be too long?




Contemplating selling your property? The real estate market on the Outer Banks is not very friendly to sellers right now but properties are selling and quickly, if priced at market value. If you are interested in finding out the value of your property to see if you should wait or not, then sign up for a FREE Market Evaluation . If you are ready to sell, check out the extensive marketing campaign used by Shore Realty to help you sell your property. Shore Realty's level of service is unmatched and even surpasses what the big box brand companies have to offer. Check it out HERE Sometimes smaller is better!



Sold Statistics

Outer Banks NC Association of REALTORS MLS

The 2014 Sold Statistics from the OBX MLS are here, if you would like to see the same statistics for different OBX geographic locations dating back to 2004, CLICK HERE Sold Statistics Archive . The past year saw a decline in the median price (-3%) while the number of units sold increased by 14% on the OBX beaches. Don't let the falling median price fool you. There are areas where prices have stopped falling and are starting to creep slowly upward.

When the OBX real estate market was in the process of recovering from the 90's recession, the market saw some years of decline followed by a stabilization period that lasted for 5+- years, before any sign of price increase started to show up. Then the OBX market went through another 5+- years of gradual price increase before we saw the crazy price increases of the 2005 boom. It looks like the market here on the OBX has reached the low plateau before prices start to move up, and it should stay fairly level for some time before we see any noticeable increase in property values. Now, is what is commonly referred to as ' the bottom'. There are some localized areas such as Corolla, where the decline is still occurring and then there are areas right next door like Duck, where prices have already started going back up.

These sales numbers reflect the residential sales on the Dare & Currituck County beaches. The sales numbers do not included the inland counties serviced by the Outer Banks Association of Realtors. Residential properties include homes, condos and townhouses.



Drive By List of Properties For Sale

The reason that there is so much inventory available on the OBX is because there were a lot of sellers who were waiting for the prices to reach the peak before selling. Once the real estate prices reached the peak in 2005 all of these sellers decided they were ready to sell and have flooded the market. A lot of homes for sale on the Outer Banks are for sale by sellers who don't need to sell and refuse to adjust their price for today's real estate market. In reality they are not for sale.

With enough sellers wanting to sell it means shopping for real estate is a lot easier now than it was in 2005. There are more houses for buyers to choose from which means sellers will have to fix things that they wouldn't fix 2 years ago and buyers can shop for the perfect home without the fear of losing it to someone else. The sellers have to compete for the limited number of buyers.

The difficult part of a real estate transaction used to be getting the financing. Not any more! There is plenty of money being lent to people with good credit but everything has to be just right. Appraisals are getting easier and lender requirements are easing up some. For those with the ability to make it happen, now is a good time to start investigating a real estate purchase.

Let us set you up with a map and a list of properties that are for sale and then you can leisurely drive around and see if there is anything that might interest you. It is also a good way to learn the different neighborhoods. After all, the Outer Banks does cover an 80 mile skinny stretch of northeastern NC. Call local 252-441-3416 or toll free 800-647-1868



Plan Your Trip to Meet Your Needs

Winter Real Estate Season

Shopping for real estate on the OBX is fairly easy in the winter. The hardest part is getting here through the bad weather up north. The hotels and motels are all empty so you can come and go as you please. All of the rental houses are vacant so you can view them without having to worry about vacationers not letting us in. more


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Errors and Omissions Insurance

We have it, does your agent? It is hard to believe some realty companies do not carry Errors & Omissions Insurance. Don't purchase your home or land from an agent who does not have it. This is just one more reason why our clients keep coming back.


Avoid the capital gains tax and the 25% depreciation recapture tax by utilizing the IRS code 1031 Tax Deferred (Starker) Exchange. Swap investment land, condos or homes for any kind of investment property within 6 months. Call Greg at 252-441-3416 for details.




Contrary to what many people think, it DOES NOT COST ANYTHING to have an agent work for you in North Carolina. We get paid by commission from the sale. All of the sellers in the Outer Banks Association of REALTORS MLS have agreed to pay that commission to us, regardless of what company has the property for sale. This is what you can expect:


Questions about selling? Don't listen to the doom and gloom stories that are going around. Once you understand how the absorption rate affects sales and see what advertising we provide and where we will put your property on the internet, you will see that now is still a good time for sellers even if you are selling out of state.

Just curious? Sign up to find out Your Home's Value, complimentary of course, or call 252-441-3416 and learn the fair market value of your property.

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