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While 80% of real estate buyers are using the internet to look for houses there are still 20% of the population who prefer doing things the traditional way. These 20%ers still like to hold onto a magazine while they ride around looking for a house. This 20% still constitute a good share of the market of potential buyers.

To capitalize on every aspect of the market, Shore Realty will advertise your property in the Homes and Land real estate magazine published on the Outer Banks. Homes and Land is distributed to various retail outlets across the OBX from Corolla to the ferry docks in Hatteras Village. Every shopping center and grocery store has a display case sitting outside. The average distribution of Homes and Land is 12,000 copies a month with more in the busy summer months.

Now, pretty much all of the companies will run an ad for your house, but unlike most companies we will run the ad every month your property is listed with us. The standard procedure for most companies is to alternate the properties featured in theirs advertising. In an effort to save money your house might be advertised this month but not next month.

Shore Realty will advertise your property every month it takes to sell your property. We don't need to cut corners to save money because we don't carry the corporate overhead expense.

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