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In an attempt to generate business, some agents buy listings. This doesn't mean agents want to actually buy your property! They just want the listing.

Here's how it works: In an effort to talk you into a listing agreement, they will promise you an unrealistically high price. If you like what you hear (who wouldn't?) and sign the listing agreement...that agent just bought your listing! They know it won't sell, but they're not concerned with selling your property because they just want their sign in your yard.

Having many visible real estate signs generates calls from buyers inquiring about properties. When a potential buyer calls from the sign to ask the price of your property and it's priced too high, they'll move on to another property with the help of your agent. Mission accomplished--that agent generated business at your expense.

Always make prospective listing agents prove the price they suggest. No property will sell for more than market value, so ask the agent to show you the properties similar to yours that have recently sold. This is where the market value is. For more, see What's Your Property Worth?

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