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More than 90% of all Outer Banks real estate sales in our MLS are co-brokered with another agent in another company. The other agent could be a buyer's agent, working for the buyer, or they could be a sub-agent of the seller, even though they work with some other firm. This is going to sound crazy, but when the other agent is working for another company you, the seller, really want that agent to be a buyer's agent.

If the agent is a sub-agent of you working with the buyer and they somehow gave the buyer some wrong information either unknowingly or knowingly, or made some mistake, then the YOU as the seller could be held liable for what this agent says. The agent working as a subagent was employed by you so you could be responsible for their actions, even though the sub-agent works with another firm.

If the other agent is working as a buyer's agent for the buyer then they are not working for you and their mistakes are not passed on to you.

NOT with Shore Realty! We will only cooperate (MLS terminology for split a commission) with agents who are using buyer agency to represent the buyers. This forces the other agents to work as buyer's agents and not for you or us.

You the seller are now protected. We will only share the commission with agents who are working as buyer agents.

This simple strategy puts up a shield between the buyer and you. If the buyer's agent makes a mistake then the buyers go after their agent because of the buyer agency and not you the seller. Buyers these days do not have any problems working with buyer agents. In fact most of the buyers want to have a buyer's agent working for them.

If the other agent wants to get paid by us for bringing you a buyer, then they had better be a buyer's agent on this listing. We make sure the liability falls in the right place.This is our way of making sure that there is not a "crack" for you to "fall through!"

This will not cost you anything and it will in no way affect the sale of your property. We have been doing this for years and it in no way affects sales.

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