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Are you tired of running to answer the phone only to have them hang up on you. Stop telling them to do not call and sign up for the do not call list and make them stop. I signed up and it does work.

The telemarketers and some real estate agents are taught to hang up the phone on the 5th ring. If the phone rings more than 5 times they figure you are running to get the phone and if you answer you will more than likely be angry with them for making you run. This is why they all have caller ID blocked.

The telemarketers are also taught to call while you are getting ready for work and again while you are eating dinner. If they call you during these times they can have a better chance of getting you while you are home and near the phone. They don't care anything about you, they are only thinking of themselves.

Stop all those annoying unsolicited phone calls. The federal government has set up a do not call list that you can get on that makes it illegal for these people to call you.

Just go to Do Not Call and register your phone number. Or call 1-888-382-1222. It is easy and it works. I know, I did it myself.

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