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Our electronic lockbox system allows us to keep track of who entered your property and when they entered.

Agents who show your property will be personally called to find out what they and/or their buyers think about your property. You will be called and updated with anything we learn from this.

Additionally, every agent who shows your property will receive an email about the showing, requesting feedback from them about the property.

They will receive 3 of these requests automatically through our electronic lockbox system.

Very few will respond. Most buyers today work with Buyer's Agents and these buyer agents are reluctant to give feedback about how their clients feel about the house. It is possible for an agent to jeopardize a buyer client's position by saying too much, so they typically decline to provide feedback.

The best feedback you will ever get about your property will come from one of us. There is nothing you can learn about the condition or price of your property that we won't have already told you. 

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