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Lock Boxes might seem like a non-issue to talk about but they play an important roll in the home sales process. Shore Realty uses 2 types of lock boxes, combination and electronic. The electronic lock boxes automatically record what showing agent unlocked the door and the date/time of showing. We then access this information online, where the information is stored, assuring we know exactly who was in the property and when they were there.

Agents typically call ahead of time to set up a showing appointment but sometimes they end up at a vacant house while working on the fly with a buyer who decided to expand their original search. We don't encourage this but we also want to make it convenient for these buyers and their agents while also keeping track of activity.

The combo lock box is added as a back up just in case an agent from out of the area, who does not have access to the electronic codes, wants to show the property. Plus, all electronic devices have their moments and if it or the agents ability is acting up, they can still access the house with a simple phone call for the combination.

The door to your property will not be beat up with a lockbox banging the door jamb every time the door is opened and closed. Most agents will simply slip the lock box over the front door knob which ends up damaging the door jamb and the plastic weather stripping. We mount our lock boxes away from the door, yet still convenient to the agents for showings.

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