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Low offers are almost inevitable. Buyers instinctively think it is the best way to get a discount. Often a seller’s first instinct when receiving a lowball offer is to tell the buyer “where to go.” The next thing most sellers and inexperienced agents want to do is to reject the offer.

Never, ever reject an offer from a buyer!

Take some time before you do anything to let the perceived insult fade. The offer should be handled professionally and responded to with caution, no matter how poorly written or ridiculously low.

The buyers and/or their agent could be naive, or just doing what they were told, with no ill will intended.

As a seller, you should look at it from the perspective that we now have a buyer who has seen your property, likes your property more than the rest, and they have worked up the courage to write an offer. Our job is to coax this buyer into feeling comfortable paying more than they originally intended.

One simple way is to make a verbal counteroffer back to the buyer at full list price, or maybe knock off some minimal amount.  We then explain to them how much we’d like to sell the property to them, but we are just too far apart in price and they need to get closer in price before we can begin to talk seriously about it with them.

This lets the buyer save face and keeps them in the deal. If we reject their offer they have to either suck it up and come back begging for a second chance, or go away. Most people take the path of least resistance and just go away. Then we have no offer to negotiate and no buyer to sway.

Never chase a qualified buyer away!

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