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If you are thinking about selling, you are going to want to know the fair market value of your property. The fair market value of a property is a combination of what a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay and what their lender's appraiser will let the bank lend on the property.

In a seller's market, buyers will routinely spend more on a property than any tax man, appraiser or even the sellers themselves think the property is worth. Likewise, in a buyer's market, where there are more sellers than buyers, the opinion of the tax man, appraiser and seller do not matter if the buyers think differently.

Unfortunately, we are far from being in a seller's market. The only true way to try to put a value on a piece of real estate is to look at the properties that have sold recently, just like the appraisers and buyers are currently doing.

While you are on this site you can search for all of the Outer Banks real estate for sale. This is a good start when trying to figure out how much your property is worth. But to get a really good grasp of the situation you need to look at what has sold and what is currently under contract.

This is where we come in. We have access to all the statistics that you need. Drop us a line and we can email or snail mail you the statistics for your neighborhood. Or you can have the recently sold properties automatically emailed to you or you can to search the sold archives to see what homes have been selling for.


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