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Open Houses

Would you like to have an open house at your property?

Do you want to maximize your exposure to as many buyers as possible?

Here is wa ht we can do for you!

Broker Open

Open House to the Public

BBQ where all the neighbors are invited along with the public.

You choose what how you would like for the Open House to be handled. At SHore Realty, we try to make sure we do everything possible to help sell your property. We just want you to understand a few things about open houses.

1. Open houses do not sell houses. This myth was started a long time ago by agents so the agents could use the open house to meet the neighbors and maybe a buyer.

2. When we advertise the open house and put roadside directional markers and signs advertising the open house this means we will be opening your doors to anybody and everybody who drives by.


We are not quite done yet, but come back, it will be worth the wait!

Logistics with rental houses.

advertising the open house. to agents

Choosing an Agent



The Offer

The Closing

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